Research reveals British women are too tired for a social life

British women are too tired or busy to keep up with social engagements and need 28 hours a day to get everything done – the equivalent of more than an extra day every week.

That’s according to new research released today by natural energy brand Red Kooga which reveals almost two thirds (60%) of British women miss out on social engagements due to feeling too tired.* Worryingly over four in ten (41%) admit that getting fit and healthy is the main thing to suffer as a result, while healthy eating goes out the window for just under a third (31%).

From a stressful day at work to looking after a busy household, today’s demanding lifestyles leave women wishing for an extra four hours per day just to get through their to-do list. Unfortunately it seems that British women are missing out on more than a good night’s sleep as things like spending quality time with their partner (19%) and attending friends’ birthday parties (13%) take a back seat.

Two in five (40%) admit that relaxation and ‘me-time’ is unheard of and fatigue leaves over a third of females (36%) not wanting to do anything in the evenings. Yet around the same amount (28%) feel frustrated they haven’t achieved everything they need to, even though on average two- thirds of us are multi-tasking, often juggling three things at any one time.

The research shows that only on occasion do we get through everything we want to on an average day, while a third of us rarely or never have enough time. Women also believe that their busy lives may have affected their chances of meeting Mr Right because they were too exhausted to go out.

Sandra Peirce from Red Kooga commented: “The stress of juggling a hectic lifestyle leaves 40 per cent of us feeling tired and lacking in energy with a third feel unable to function properly and one in six not able to concentrate during the day.”

Gives a little more oomph, when slowing down isn’t an option